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Is something new within the Altcoin area on the horizon? Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, also mentioned as Woz, had lunch yesterday with Justin Sun, CEO of the decentralized content sharing platform TRON. What exactly this suggests and what the rumor mill has got to say about it, we’ll take a better check out below.

Is a stimulating partnership between Apple and therefore the TRON project on the horizon? Or is all this nothing quite a paid marketing gag?

We will provide you with the answers to those questions and more here and now!


Wozniak with TRON founder at lunch

Wozniak revealed on Twitter that he recently had lunch with Justin Sun at the Mandarin Gourmet restaurant within the Apple town of Cupertino. this might be a stimulating move by the tech veteran, who seems to play an increasingly interesting role within the field of crypto.

Wozniak is already a member of the board of directors of the block-chain company EFFORCE, which targets the energy sector and co-founded the Ethereum-based investment platform called Equi Capital Partners. Wozniak and Steve Jobs founded the Apple Group in 1976 during a garage.

Could the meeting now be a sign that a partnership is emerging between Wozniak’s interests and TRON?

Justin Sun already drew attention within the mainstream news last year when he donated $4.6 million at auction to charity to win a lunch with American business tycoon Warren Buffett. Unfortunately, this meeting never happened, because Sun declined to attend the meeting shortly before.

He claimed at the time that he had to say no to the meeting due to a disease of kidney stones. Later, however, rumors circulated that he was anesthetized heavy pressure by the Chinese government.

The meeting between Wozniak and Sun only a marketing gag?

Be that because it may, Justin Sun was never at a loss for clever marketing tricks to draw attention to himself and his project TRON. But isn’t lunch with Wozniak quite a paid marketing stunt?

Wozniak let it slip that this wasn’t the case and joked that lunch with him was free.



Justin Sun on the opposite side replied that it had been an honor for him to “meet the legendary Woz”. He also wrote that he was looking forward to the partnership with him. Justin Sun has often attracted attention with similar viral marketing measures, so this might even be another prank from his bag of tricks.



Although neither Wozniak nor Sun have revealed any details of their discussion thus far, supporters of TRON naturally hope for the good collaboration between TRON and therefore the global corporation Apple. In any case, we will wait and see if there’s more to the meeting than simply a delicious meal.

What do you think is the background to the meeting between Justin Sun and Apple’s veteran Wozniak?



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