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Review of the top 5 Bitcoin Broker in 2020

Let’s have a look at the top 5 bitcoin broker software. Bitcoin is the most famous cryptocurrency, and its value keeps on increasing every day. Many people are interested in buying bitcoin for their trading activities. But, this decentralized currency is not regulated by any central authority or government. Bitcoin is the first digital currency that has gained massive fame among the people. However, trading Bitcoin comes with plenty of specifics.


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Why is Bitcoin trading so popular?


Very simple to carry

The Bitcoin is valued millions of dollars, and you can simply carry the bitcoin in a memory stick. But, this could not be done with cash or gold.

Low price raises risk

The price rises are one of the massive problems for traders because the entire currencies are losing some of their buying power when the banks keep printing more currencies.

Low fall down risk

The fluctuations in currencies are based on the government trade policies that cause hyper to fall down at times and also lead to failing of currency. The Bitcoin is actually a virtual universal currency that is not regulated by any government.


The issue of Bitcoin is not regulated by any government, so the danger of seizure is zero.
Simple, safe and reasonable
The Bitcoin payment can take place between peer-to-peer without any mediator and that’s why; it is very simple, safe and reasonable.


Reasons for hiring Bitcoin Broker

Bitcoin is a reliable payment system that has gained fame in the financial market. It is also growing popularity; because it is a one-to-one payment system powered by the users, but without centralized or intermediary’s authority. Commonly, these payments are assisted digitally. In the user’s point of view, it is as same as a cash payment system through the internet. Moreover, it can be advanced as a prominent triple entry booking keeping system. Ideally, the investors are motivated to understand how to use Bitcoin charts and calculators. However, this need can be removed by appealing the services of a professional bitcoin broker.


List of best Bitcoin Broker /Exchanges in the world for trading bitcoin

The Bitcoin exchanges are an essential part of the virtual currency world. Indeed, these exchanges are basic means of several digital currency users who want to execute in fiat currencies and tokens across the globe. In today’s digital currency, the exchanges should stable diverse narrow measures successfully, keep up-to-date with security and safety practices to minimize the probability of hacks and fraud as well as attract the users in order to guarantee the feasibility and ample liquidity. When it comes to trading with bitcoins, below are the lists of best Bitcoin exchanges in the world that include:


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Binance is one of the rapidly developing and biggest Bitcoin exchanges, which have created a massive ecosystem around it. Since its invention to date, it has developed massively and is currently positioned in the top 10 of Bitcoin exchanges around the globe. Binance is fully dependent upon Malta and provides the largest market place for Bitcoin.
In order to utilize this Bitcoin exchange, the users will have to create an account. Its process is completely easy and direct, so you do not have to confirm your account for level one that is a two Bitcoin daily withdrawal limit. To get started, you can ensure to have some deposited funds. There are some options for trading pairs such as BNB, BTC, ETH, and USDT.
The Binance typically enables the users to make debit and credit card payments for cryptocurrencies through a partnership with Simplex. However, it is possible to buy Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and XRP tokens by Master Card and Visa as well as the benefits of using a credit or debit card on Binance include:

  • Very less fees
  • Swift transfers
  • Conveniently accepted the Master card and Visa


  • Amazing trading interface
  • High transaction processing speed
  • Lesser fees on the market
  • Quick and efficient
  • Proprietary platform technology
  • Serves as a huge range of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin
  • Multi-device support that includes android, We Chat, HTML5, web browsers and other platforms



  • Only gives choices for market and limit orders
  • Hong-Kong-based
  • Not highly accessible to starters
  • Moderately less liquidity
  • As a firm cryptocurrency only exchange, so you cannot fund your account with an ordinary currency



The Changelly is an instantaneous cryptocurrency/bitcoin broker/exchange, which becomes one of the trusted as well as mostly used bitcoin broker for cryptocurrency transfers. At present, it has over 1.5 million customers and also processing up to 15, 000 transactions on a regular basis. The Changelly usually provides great assistance for a vast array of cryptocurrencies.
Presently, the services of Changelly can be widely accessed by users across the globe. This platform utilizes dual-factor authentications as well as HTTPS security protocol to guarantee the account safety. Google authenticator can also be utilized to include some additional safety. To register on Changelly, you will be required to offer a valid email address.
The Changelly can list out several famous cryptocurrencies such as Dash, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Stellar, Litecoin, Zcash, Monero, Dogecoin and NEM and so on. Along with these, there are some lesser-known coins such as BCN, NXT, XDN, STX, FCN, ENJ, NBT, FCT, and RADS. Moreover, the users can also create suggestions of tokens that could be listed on this platform by just finishing an online form available on its website.
As per the review, the liquidity rates of Changelly are considered to be very high. You should also keep in mind that the greater volumes are only for most famous coins such as Ethereum or Bitcoin. Recently, newer coins have been introduced in a trading market that might not have higher rates. When you begin trading on this platform, the processing time can differ highly based on the processing ability of a blockchain.



  • Well designed and understandable website
  • A vast array of altcoins and trading pair
  • No identity verification is needed


  • A few safety measures
  • Top rates of purchases
  • Limited trading functions



Bybit is moderately a new cryptocurrency exchange that mainly concentrates on the cryptocurrency derivatives providing ripple, Bitcoin, EOS trading and Ethereum. Unlike any other cryptocurrencies, Bybit mainly concentrates on leveraged trading as well as everlasting agreements, which permit the traders to both long and short diverse cryptocurrencies and also multiply their exposure to the market.
When it comes to margin trading, Bybit provides 100x leverage for its upcoming trades. This means that the price roll of 10% increases will normally consequence in a 1000% admiration of the capital working. Being a derivative trading platform, there is no real transfer of Bitcoin between the buyers and sellers on Bybit. However, the contractors are settled in an underlying property and also quoted in USD.
One of the massive benefits of using Bybit is taking maximum returns and prevents loss functions on this platform. Really, only a few platforms permit these functions to be set up in a single click. Another unique feature of Bybit is trailing stop the permits the user to track the cost of the property from a certain trailing distance and also lock in some profit or reduce loss via the stop loss function.
For making deposits, Bybit does not charge any costs rather you will require paying the standard mining charge linked with an essential block chain. When it comes to trading charges, Bybit bitcoin broker keeps specific things ultimately easy and also builds it as an ideal exchange for those who are unknown with how the fee calculations work. This Bybit also charges 0.075% fee for trading, which minimizes liquidity and also offers a 0.025% rebate for trades that include liquidity.



  • No KYC needed
  • Up to 100x leverage
  • Multiple supported cryptocurrencies


  • US citizens not accepted
  • Less coins available than on BitMEX



Bitfinex is one of the most popular names in a crypto community. It actually utilizes the P2P margin lending platform. Typically, there have been so many problems in regarding the connection from Tether to Bitfinex. This platform has the ability to manage ETHfinex, which is an analogous exchange that assists ERC-20 token trading. Moreover, it is one of the most liquid exchanges on the trading market and typically has greater volumes and fewer spreads.
The Bitfinex exchange normally supports a vast array of tokens and altcoins, which are listing around a complete of 158 cryptos. The traders are also able to trade with the top coins such as Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin, NEO, Ethereum classic, ripple, Bitcoin cash, TRON, basic attention token, status, Qtum, Bitcoin gold, verge, Bytom, Funflair, Tezos and Ox project and so on.
Initially, Bitfinex was created its interface for the experienced traders, which featured the advanced trading choices and chartings as well. This platform may also appear as little confusing to the beginner traders, so they only recommend for the expert traders to utilize this bitcoin broker. Even though, the GUI can be personalized by a user to fit its trading requirements and also have a different order form.



  • Greatly trusted
  • Anonymity possible
  • Top leverage at derivatives
  • In-house mobile application
  • Orders demonstrated in a chart
  • A favorite altcoin broker
  • Unlimited withdrawal
  • Several payment options


  • Was hacked in the past year
  • Lost volume since previous years
  • Demanding verification process



Coinbase is one of the largest Bitcoin Broker/Exchanges in the globe. It usually provides Ethereum and Bitcoin trading with fewer fees and also its interface is very intuitive as well as user-friendly. This platform is often suggested for beginners. If you are a beginner in the crypto platform and think about investing in Bitcoin, definitely the Coinbase provides the simplest way to purchase your initial Bitcoin.
One of the top reasons for the popularity of Coinbase is because of its exclusive deposit solutions. It is also tied up with several payment services and banks, so you can easily deposit fiat through EFT payment such as PayPal, credit cards and SWIFT/ ACH/ SEPA transfers. If you sign up with any Coinbase link and deposit an initial amount of $100, you will obtain an additional cost of $10 in Bitcoin.
At present, Coinbase is one of the very few cryptocurrency exchanges that provide both a mobile application and a desktop version for its users. You can also even obtain a benefit of it and then buy or sell your crypto properties whether you like or not. In addition, you can simply manage your portfolio with good visualization and data report, so you do not even want any extra excel spreadsheet. Overall, the Coinbase is simply good to use.



  • Fantastic mobile application
  • Great reputation
  • Well insured and regulated
  • Very much simple to use
  • Buy with bank/ debit/ credit card


  • Expensive fees than any other exchanges
  • A fewer range of currencies to buy


How to select the best Bitcoin Broker/Exchange for trading?

Right now, there are several kinds of exchange sites available online with unique forms of features. So, it is essential to take a look at what kind of features are provided at those sites. Even some aspects are including different payment methods, peer to peer exchanges and built-in crypto exchange and much more. When it comes to selecting the best bitcoin broker for trading, here are a few important things to consider such as:

  • Security
  • Payment options
  • Transaction fees
  • Exchange reputation
  • Safety of an exchange


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Conclusion – Bitcoin Broker

Therefore, the Bitcoin exchanges have been well known to manipulate the trading volumes with the support of bots. Even the specific new exchanges have been developing at an attractive price. For many more details, you can get help from experts and they will guide you on how to do trading effectively.


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