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Today we present you How to buy bitcoin anonymously. Bitcoin, being a digital currency, is vulnerable to hackers on the internet. Though it is assumed to be secure, it cannot be concealed from the eyes of the bad guys. When everything is outright on the net, it is easy to get your address or your private keys at any time. Though your information goes through layers of algorithms to keep it secure, it is always better to be cautious before any extreme damage is done. Therefore, being anonymous while performing transactions using bitcoin is extremely important.

You might end up losing all your money if you are traced, or trapped in a scam. That is why buying bitcoins anonymously is essential. Let’s explore the different methods to buy bitcoins anonymously here.

Summary of all Methods

The different methods that we will be discussing here work almost, in the same way, providing security and ensuring the customers are safe. However, all these methods differ insignificantly in the way the payment methods are designed. Bitcoins can be exchanged by buyers and sellers using any payment methods or cash. To buy a bitcoin, you should check for the ones that are convenient for you and also that offers a lot of security that keeps your identity shielded.

All the methods are P2P marketplace and have the escrow service that makes them secure. The platforms are focused mostly on the bitcoins rather than other cryptocurrencies and making it clumsy. With numerous ways of payment methods, they have truly understood that convenience is what is essential for the customers. With no to minimum charges on buyers and sellers, they provide the maximum security to keep their customer’s identity safe and secure. We shall see which methods offer what and how distinct and secure they are.




1 – LocalCryptos

LocalCryptos allows you to exchange the bitcoins directly between the buyer and the seller without the involvement of any third party. It has over 100.000 users using their platform to buy bitcoins. LocalCryptos is not liable for any of your details or your transactions. Instead of all the transactions and details of every customer landing on the Localcrypto server, all the customer information is on his web browser. That is why Localcrypto is a P2P marketplace. You can buy and sell bitcoins and Ethereum. There are over 40 payment methods that you can choose from. You can even pay through cash. It is non-custodial, which means Localcrypto does not control the transactions.



  • Transactions will be carried out only between the buyer and the seller.
  • Multiple payment options are available.
  • No third party is involved at any stage.
  • They don’t take custody of your transactions or details.
  • Complete end-to-end encryption.
  • Servers are not involved. All your details and transactions will be only on your browser.
  • Highly secure


  • Once the transaction is done, it cannot be reversed even though it goes to the wrong person.
  • Only two cryptocurrencies are available to trade though there are numerous currencies.




2 – Paxful

Paxful is again another platform for bitcoin trading. It was founded in 2015 and had its headquarters in New York. It is a peer-to-peer marketplace where you can trade directly with the buyer and seller. There are over 300 different payment methods where one can trade bitcoins from. It has more than 800.000 customers presently using the platform. There is a fixed fee that is charged for the sellers. They allow you to trade in real-time through live chat and, it is non-custodial. You can access and send money from anywhere across the globe. There is a 2-factor authentication that provides more security.



  • Multiple payment methods are available that make it more accessible
  • Two-factor authentication ensures security.
  • It provides real-time trading
  • Responsive user-interface makes it easy to use.
  • Easy for beginners if they want to start buying bitcoins anonymously.


  • Can trade with only one cryptocurrency; Bitcoin and no other cryptocurrencies.
  • Sellers are charged with fees




3 – BitQuick

As in the name, BitQuick provides quick service for buyers where the cash will be deposited within no time. This platform allows only for a single payment method, i.e. through cash deposit. Founded in 2013, it is a P2P marketplace. It offers its services for a few countries.

It is highly appreciated for the excellent speed in the transactions and has over 96,952 customers. It is safe and secure due to the escrow services. One can anonymously buy and sell through Bitquick at a fast rate. The platform is made accessible to use so that the customers can have a pleasant experience during their whole journey of trading with Bitquick.




  • Transactions are carried out at a lightning-fast speed.
  • Transactions are only through cash deposits. Can buy anytime by depositing cash in the bank.
  • It is secure due to escrow and can buy anonymously.
  • The interface is easy to understand and use.


  • Only one type of currency can be used to trade. No other altcoins can be traded on this platform.
  • Buyers are charged with 2% of fees.
  • Only one payment method which is annoying as one needs to go to the banks regularly.
  • It will ask for the ID, making it not extremely secure.
  • It serves only in a few countries and cannot be used to transfer it globally.


How to buy bitcoin anonymously – Conclusion

Now that we have seen different methods to buy bitcoin anonymously, it is crucial to choose the most suitable method rather than diving into a not-so-secured platform and to lose all your money. It is important to check if the platforms are offering the services that coordinate with what you want. Keeping your identity anonymous is a great approach to buy bitcoins and helps in protecting your security.

With the transactions that could be made across various countries, now trading in bitcoin has become easier than ever before. The decentralized approach protects its customer and their details, thus making the customers feel safe. The private key is held by only you and not held under any of the organizations.

Complete freedom is given to the customers to buy and sell the cryptocurrency keeping the security as severe as possible. With this, now buying a bitcoin can be achieved with just a couple of clicks.


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