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Blockchain and cryptocurrencies have already got many applications and therefore the number of those use cases will increase within the future. Andreas Antonopoulos, a well-known speaker in Crypto-Space, predicts that there might be many thousands of coins within the coming decades. These would then not always have a price, but rather an emotional value within a little community. we will already see the primary beginnings of this bold prediction: the well-known Parisian football club PSG has now released its cryptocurrency. this might completely revolutionize the fan experience within the future.

First cryptocurrency for the PSG

As early as 2018, the primary reports about the world-famous soccer club PSG’s decision to publish its cryptocurrency were to be read. consistent with unanimous reports, this has now happened.

Fans of the Paris club can now receive the fan token via the Blockchain platform Socios. additionally, to the present, and the identical app is now available that permits fans to interact with the club using the token.


Revolution of the fan experience?

This interaction includes, for instance, participation in decisions of the club. Fans can already participate during a survey using PSG’s cryptocurrency to vote on what message should appear on Captain Thiago Silva’s bracelet. within the future, fans also will be ready to vote for the song that’s played when a goal is scored, for instance.

The club has made it clear that fans also can earn reward points, which can give them access to unique club merchandise, watch a PSG game from the VIP tribune and meet current PSG stars and legends.

The PSG Fan Token is simply the start of the entire development. Should this use case of crypto-currencies prove itself, it’s only a matter of your time until other sports clubs or communities imitate it.



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