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Introduction of Bitcoin (Bonus Bitcoin)

The world of Finance was hit by a lightning bolt on October 31st, 2008, from which it has never recovered maybe bonus bitcoin can. This was just after a movement called Occupy Wall Street went viral online with detailed accusations against big banks.

The leaders of the world of Finance and Banking were accused of large-scale fraud, money laundering, and charging unreasonable fees from Clients. There was, at that time, a tremendous world-wide public reaction, and an outcry for a Seller Based financial system, eliminating the middle man. In other words, the investing public demanded a decentralized network, where the Investor or User could control their funds.

This would create transparency and eradicate corruption. Such a Financial System, which had been the dream of many a brilliant Economist and Financial Giant, was at last released in the world market in 2008. It was called BITCOIN. This was followed by an extraordinary explanatory paper called “BITCOIN: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System,” which was published on October 31st, 2008.

Even more strangely, the real Author of this Unique Paper has never been discovered.

satoshi-nakamotoSatoshi Nakamoto” is a pseudonym, and though several gold-diggers have claimed to be the man behind the name, they have all been proved to be false. There are many Theories about Satoshi Nakamoto out there; some even think that he is only a CIA Creation. This stunning Paper outlined a completely Decentralized, Hacking-proof, and Peer-to-Peer Protocol. It could generate transparent records for its Digital Transactions, which could be continuously tracked and verified. Inspection of documents could be carried out in Real-Time.
As a result, some of the top companies in the world have been using it extensively on large deals.

International giant Microsoft is one such company, as well as Starbucks, Nordstrom, startup Flexa, Amazon-owned Whole Foods, and Expedia. One of the top Billionaires in this World, Michael Novogratz, has it is said, invested over thirty percent of his wealth in BTCs and similar Cryptocurrencies. There are said to be 17,971 BITCOIN Millionaires at the moment of counting (August 20, 2019). Of course, this is a count of addresses containing more than US$1 Million. Earning, Buying, or Mining/Creating BITCOINS has, therefore, suddenly assumed the highest importance in the world of Finance.

This, of course, is despite intense criticism of the new system, even criminalization by interested parties, and includes the wealthiest Nations of the Planet, who need not be named. While five significant methods of adding BITCOINS to the individual’s BITCOIN Wallet are now recognized internationally, earning by the Bonus BITCOIN method is now most favored by the investing public at large.


Explanation – What is Bitcoin?

The BITCOIN, or BTC, does not have Real existence, like paper money or coins or other “Fiat” Currency. It does not exist outside the cloud, internet, or computer. It is a computer file, which lives inside a virtual Wallet app. BTC can be transmitted to other people.

Transactions can take place online. Each transaction is recorded permanently in a secret public ledger called Blockchain. Money can be exchanged without being linked to a real identity. BITCOIN Core can be used to create a new address and assign it to the User, thus, protecting his real identity.

A typical BITCOIN Address is an “identifier” consisting of 26 to 35 alphanumeric characters that start with numeral 1, 2, or bc 1, and represents a possible destination for a BCT transaction or payment. Most Bitcoin addresses are 34 characters long. These addresses are generated FREELY by the BITCOIN Core.

The Bitcoin Blockchain is a truly massive network of over 460 million addresses. Each address has one or more corresponding “keys,” and therefore, can have more than one private key. The total number of keys is just under 2^256 private keys, 2^256 public keys, and 2^160 addresses. A private key is a 256-bit long number, which is created by a random number generator. This is for purposes of cryptographic security.

The BTC eliminates all intermediaries, such as Banks and Financial Institutions, which were traditionally used to audit, verify, and facilitate transactions. This created a significant earthquake in the corridors of power of centralized financial power bases like Nations or their representative Central Banks. This was a major catastrophe for the existing ruling currencies of the world, which are, even now, monopolized by the Centralized financial clout of the most powerful countries of the world. BITCOIN broke through this glass ceiling that had held to ransom all the traditional financial systems of the world, since the beginning of Money itself.

By being decentralized, BITCOIN avoids any interference or regulation by any other authority, except its own Buyers, Sellers, and Users. Peer-to-Peer transactions are extremely fast.

Full security is provided by BTC being a tamper-proof Cryptocurrency. Transparency is provided with the use of a Blockchain System. The Blockchain provides a shared public ledger on which all confirmed transaction is included, and can be verified by BITCOIN Wallets, to prove the true ownership of the Spender of the BITCOINs being transacted. It ensures that there are never any double payments. The modern art and science of Cryptography ensure the chronological order and integrity of the Blockchain.
The total supply of BTC has been capped at a maximum of 21 million BTC only, by Nakamoto himself, with no further increase possible or allowed in this system. There are currently just 18,172,437.5 BTC in existence (2019 figure).

Now the BTC Protocol specifies that the reward for adding a block will be halved every 210,000 blocks, which is approximately achievable every four years. At this point in time, each new block adds 12.5 BTC into circulation. It is estimated that, since by this protocol, the reward will decrease to a null point, or zero, the limit set by Satoshi Nakamoto will be reached shortly. This final year is estimated to be at around 2140. The overall price of each BITCOIN unit is bound to rise even further. But this limited and capped supply of BTC makes the system ultimately inflation proof.

This is a trend that has continued since its first release in the market. While conservative financial pundits have condemned BTC and all its sisters to damnation for not bowing down to the authority of individual wealthy Nations and their Power Brokers, and for not paying the ransom to these traditional manipulators, the actual Users have been excited with the security, secrecy, speed, independence, and transparency of the transactions with the revolutionary new currency.

Satoshi Nakamoto has himself confirmed in the Online publication, BITCOIN Today, that the price of one BTC closed the day on August 19, 2019, US$10,916. This meant a remarkable increase of 5.46 percent increase in price in just twenty-four hours. This increase, in USD, is US$565, in only 24 hours!


Was that too complicated for you to understand? – Here is an explanation video of Bitcoin: Youtube Video



Bonus Bitcoin – What is it?

When it was first launched, BTC was treated as a fraud on the public by the learned and the powerful of the finance world. There was hardly any effort by these so-called leaders of High Finance and Governance to analytically evaluate this out-of-the-box solution. Though the followers of Satoshi Nakamoto were initially somewhat unwilling and reluctant, the need to spread the Message forced the more extroverted among them to launch another unusual concept to popularize Bitcoin: the earning of Free BITCOIN. The super entrepreneur Gavin Andresen first introduced the idea of Faucets in 2010, to promote BTC to the world.

The Faucet is a website where you can get Free BITCOIN in exchange for goods and services. The Bonus BITCOIN has been generally defined as a Free BITCOIN Faucet, which is tuned to pay out up to a maximum of 5,000 Satoshi every quarter of an hour. Additionally, at the end of each day, around 23:59 hours, or nearly midnight, every day, an automatic Bonus of 5% will be added to the User’s current account balance.

This, of course, is applicable only if the User has made at-least 1 Faucet claim the previous day. That is why it is called a Bonus BITCOIN. But the question remains — Is Bonus BITCOIN legitimate or Not? It is important to consider here that it can be joined for Free, and that the payment has been assured in Satoshi every quarter of an hour. Referring to others, which can also join for Free, allows the User to be additionally paid. Thus, it cannot be said that this is an illegal operation. Of course, the amount of money that can be made, by this method, is quite tiny.


Earning Bonus BITCOIN: Top 5 Methods

Earning BITCOIN has become a top priority for the world’s finest financial brains with investing power. These Super Investors have clearly understood the advantages of earning Cryptocurrency and using BTC and its sister currencies to conduct Big Business without restraints. But mining BTC is not easy, as it requires special high-level skills, which are extremely costly and time-consuming. People have been desperately on the lookout for easier methods. These are the Bonus BITCOIN, which are the Free BITCOIN we have discussed above. Some of the Top 5 Methods to earn Bonus BITCOIN is as follows:


Bybit Banner

1. ByBit – Cryptocurrency Derivatives Exchange

This is basically a Cryptocurrency Derivatives Exchange. Bybit originated in the British Virgin Islands and is now headquartered in Singapore and registered by the BVI. The basic objective here is to create the most reliable, the safest, the easiest to use, and the most stable, Exchange. This is in order to create a level playing field for all Traders. ByBit has five important features, the essentials of which are enumerated here.

Dual Price: It is the continuous goal of Cryptocurrencies to create conditions of Fairness in Trading. Market manipulations tend to create unequal conditions of Unfairness. Market manipulation is defined as a deliberate act of Inflation or Deflation of Price on an Exchange, particularly on an Individual’s gain. These price fluctuations can cause untold damage to other Traders’ positions in the market and tend to create a malicious human-made and unfair trading ecosystem. The effect of a single rogue trader can be deadly to the reputation of trust and fairness of an Exchange. While the Volume of trade is a fair determinant of the extent to which such malicious intrusion can affect the Market, the reputation is always at stake in such cases. To protect against such manipulation, ByBit uses the so-called ‘Dual Price Mechanism.’ Instead of just using the LTP (Last Traded Price) as the trigger for liquidation of a Business or Asset, Bybit additionally uses the MP (Mark Price). MP is the Global Spot Index Price. In this way, by preventing Raiders from harming Investors with sudden threats, to which they have no time to react, Bybit ensures that genuine Investors have the time to prepare the necessary defenses against vicious and unfair Raiders.

Mark To Market (MTM): Bybit ensures that the LTP is always closely quoted next to the Spot Price, whenever the Spot Market is displayed. The method used by Bybit to tie the LTP to the SP (Spot Price) is known as ‘Funding.’ Long and short positions are exchanged every 8 hours, thus ensuring that LTP is MTM with each 8 hours interval.

Perpetual Contracts: this is a medium ground between ST (Spot Trading) and FT (Futures Trading). Contracts under FT can be settled within a mutually agreed and specified date in the future, while ST contracts must be settled on the spot. PCs (Perpetual Contracts) do not need to be settled immediately, nor is there a specific date for settlement or expiry of the contract. By allowing Traders to hold Selling or Buying positions as long as they want, Bybit opens up opportunities for the Traders to maximize their gains.

Leverage: The normal Leverage offered for Spot Trading is only around 3% to 5%, while for Futures Trading, it is 5% to 20%. Leverage is generally kept tightly within these limits, considering that high Leverages can often be risky in the volatile Crypto Market. At the same time, the higher the Leverage, the Greater the possibility of huge profits. Bybit can offer a 100x adjustable Leverage to allow Traders, with strong guts and backing, to enter into a US$100 bargaining position, with an initial margin of only US$1. Astonishingly, this is a Flexible Leverage that can be adjusted to suit the Market position at any time, even after the opening of the Bid, thus giving Traders unlimited freedom on independent management of their positions.

Contract Loss: Finally, Leveraging involves risky trading, and the higher the Percentage Leverage, the Riskier the Transaction. To protect Traders against crippling losses, and also encourage them to take calculated risks, Bybit has put into operation a comprehensive Contract Loss Mechanism to protect its member Investors, by determining who will ‘Bear or Share’ the cost when positions cannot be liquidated at bankruptcy price. Usually, a socialized Loss System is in operation, where all Traders who have posted a profit, have to share the costs. But this cannot protect genuine and stable Investors from being badly affected by the large losses caused by other high risk-taking irresponsible Traders. Bybit uses the ADL (Auto-De-Leveraging) System, which ranks all investing Traders by their Profit Ratio and Effective Leverage. The higher the Rank of the Trader, the lower is the possibilities and amount of De-Leveraging.
Thus, Bybit protects the Trader, who is in trouble, while encouraging initiative and foresight in their Members.


Coinbase Banner

2. Coinbase – Bonus Bitcoin Referral

Coinbase is the latest platform for trading in digital currencies, in order to exchange Cryptocurrencies with Fiat Currencies, and with each other, to carry out digital transactions, and create digital wallets to store these currencies. The major difference is that on Coinbase, the User has no Pseudo- anonymity. The name of the User is attached to the User’s Coinbase Account, and so is the User’s Bank Account. Transaction history is comparatively easier to disclose.

Coinbase acts as the intermediary and completes all transactions for the User, including ‘Verification and Recording’ on the Blockchain. For purposes of Buying, Selling, and Transacting in Cryptocurrency, the User must link a Bank Account or Credit/ Debit Card of a recognized Fiat Currency Bank. There is, of course, a difference when using Bank accounts directly or Debit/ Credit Cards. Using Bank Accounts, Coinbase takes longer to verify transactions (usually 2-4 days, depending on the bank). But limits are higher for Bank accounts (USD 100/ transaction, and USD 2,500/ week). When using Credit/ Debit Card, limits are generally lower (only USD 200/ week). But BITCOIN transactions show-up instantaneously in the Coinbase Wallet. The same holds for Selling BITCOIN to the User’s PayPal Account, where also the transaction is instantaneous.

The great advantage of using Coinbase is that the User needs no special knowledge or skill of the intricate workings of, and transacting with, Cryptocurrency. Coinbase is headquartered in San Francisco, California. It was founded on June 20th, 2012, by CEO Brian Armstrong and co-founder Fred Ehrsam. As a GDAX (Global Digital Asset Exchange), Coinbase brokers Cryptocurrency transactions, including Blockchain Verification. It also stores Digital Currencies as a Wallet. It earns by charging fees for its Brokerage and Exchange. And it also acts as a custodian for User Funds, as a Bank. Services include Listing Crypto Assets. At present, their list includes Cryptocurrencies like Tezos, Litecoin Ethereum, Ethereum, BITCOIN Cash, Classic BITCOIN, and several other Cryptocurrencies, and Exchanges them with Fiat Currencies in around 32 countries (190 countries worldwide use BITCOIN Storage and Transactions).

Clicking on our Coinbase Link will grant you 10€ in Bitcoins if you invest at least 100€ on Coinbase. Banner

3. – Biggest and first Bitcoin Casino

This Casino is a highly reputable and legitimate operation. It is a licensed BITCOIN only Online Casino, the first to be so registered. It is also the first-ever to offer Live Dealers with BITCOINS. Before the launching of these licensed BITCOIN Casinos, most Online Casinos, which were BITCOIN based, did not come under the periphery of any authority.

They were, therefore, free to cheat their customers. A genuinely trustworthy BITCOIN Casino knows that their ‘House Edge’ is the margin of their profit. Rather than besmirch their reputation as an honest house, forever, they will not leave any stone unturned to prove their trustworthiness. The best BITCOIN Casinos allow Customers to use the mathematical algorithm they use, involving Cryptography, so as to establish the truth of the odds they offer on any specific game. The next thing the Customer should check is the authority under which the BITCOIN Casino is Licensed and Regulated. It is obvious that a BITCOIN Casino that is Licensed and Regulated under the UK Gambling Commission is much more worthy of trust than the one licensed under the Faroe Islands or Cayman Island.

In fact, it seems that most of the BITCOIN Casinos, these days, seem to be licensed by the Curacao e-Gaming Regulations, which is definitely not sufficient protection. So the appearance of was a great relief to the gambling community looking for the security of their deposits. The Bitcoin investors, too, were happy that the Cryptocurrency remained clean and above suspicion. offers over 5000 Crypto and Fiat Games and offers players the option of playing in any currency, Crypto or Fiat. Incredible Bonuses are offered with every Game. Typically, “Unlimited Reload Bonus” up to 1,000 EUR, or its equivalent in Crypto Currencies or Fiat currency offered, with only 10 EUR as the Minimum Deposit. The in-house Wallet can be used to store Crypto coins indefinitely or be exchanged through selected platforms or Brokers.

In other words, this is a complete service offered to a new set of advanced Gamers who are also savvy with the advantages of the new currency, and who are eager to take this route to earn Bonus BITCOIN.

If you want to learn more about the most famous Bitcoin Casino, we wrote a whole review about it – Review.


Binance Banner4. Binance – Biggest Cryptocurrency Exchange

This is an Exchange particularly created for LTT (Large Transaction Traders) trading in Cryptocurrencies. Many of the commonly traded Cryptocurrencies were supported here, and Binance provides a Crypto Wallet for its Traders, where their funds can be deposited. This Wallet is probably one of the safest stores available. Binance, since early 2018, is the world’s largest Crypto Asset Exchange. Originally headquartered in China, it has moved to Malta, since late 2019.

Binance is designed to service the largest Cryptocurrency deals on the planet and is quite capable of handling mixed currency projects. For example, in the course of funding a project, Binance may be used to pay the Workers and Lay Staff in Fiat Currencies, while equipment purchases may be in both Fiat Currencies and Cryptocurrencies (wherever this is accepted). The major participating parties may invest or receive payments in a mixed bag of Cryptocurrencies according to their preference.

Binance can administer the totality of Financial Management, on behalf of the Owners, in accordance with reasonable fees agreed on, prior to the commencement of the deal, and the project can be executed without any regulation or intrusion by external parties, such as National Governments and Central Banks of countries.


UPDATE: Binance recently launched a new service called: “Binance Lending” – a service where you can lend your cryptocurrency to other people and earn up to 15% in interest rates!?

binance lending

Cointiply Banner

5. Cointiply

Cointiply may be the future of earning Bonus BITCOIN. It uses sophisticated techniques to create an advanced BITCOIN Rewards Platform. Simply by interaction with, and completion of, set tasks, Users can begin to earn Free BITCOINS. Of course, the User must first be armed with a BITCOIN or DOGE address to send the payments to it. Cointiply uses several formats to help earn Bonus BITCOINS, such as,

Cointiply Offers: These services include offers-completion, installation of games, downloading apps and more to earn Bonus BITCOIN. Literally, thousands of offers are available to earn BTC.
Surveys: Some of the top Market Research Companies of the world offer Surveys through Cointiply. Cointiply pays for these Surveys, provided they are within the time schedule and fully completed. A large number of coins can be earned through this method.
Promo Codes (CPC): Frequent Promo Codes can be received through Twitter or Notifications, which are redeemable for Free BTC through Cointiply.
Cointiply PTC (Paid To Click) Ads: Website viewing for short periods of time can be used to earn Bonus BITCOIN. The User’s own websites can be advertized through Cointiply, and Bonus BITCOIN will accordingly be paid depending on the number of visitors.
Chat: Chatting with other Users of the Cointiply Group can help earn a share of the rain pool fund, which is paid several times each day.
Games: Great and speedy games are offered by Cointiply, which are at once fun to play and can earn BTC quickly.
Cointiply BITCOIN Faucet: Free coins can be earned by the simple spinning of the Faucet, daily or even hourly.
Multiplier: Multiplier Games are on offer, which can help multiply the User’s earnings by up-to 61x.
Cointiply Items and Boosts: The User can buy collect great items, buy pods, and consume items to convert earnings to even higher levels.



Each of the five options we have discussed is excellent in their own ways to earn Bonus BITCOINS. But most of these options have some defect which makes them less than the best. Cointiply, for example, depends a lot on the technique of Faucets, to release BTC. While the BTC is certainly free, the flow rate through the Faucet is very thin and meager. It takes a very long time to be able to collect any amount of useful Free BTC.

It is the same with the games on offer by Cointiply, where the payouts are nowhere near equal to the effort expended by the Users to win.

Binance is available at comparatively low fees, and is certainly highly competitive with the cost of project management, almost anywhere in the world. There is an extreme advantage when international projects, and those across the border, are undertaken. International projects often attract Double Payment of Taxes and Duties levied by several governments. When goods and services are purchased from the world stage, the trading currencies and the differential rules between the countries of the manufactures and producers of the goods and services can cause unplanned expenditure that may ultimately reduce the margins sharply. Many other international projects have been delayed or even abandoned because of just these sorts of Currency related problems. Binance shows a way to avoid problems like these. At the same time, the low fees charged make only large-sized projects profitable to manage financially. offers excellent returns on investment, provided Gamblers persist over long periods of time, and allow the mathematical odds to give the results promised. But its usefulness as an earner of Bonus BITCOIN is limited to those who love gaming online, and additionally, look forward to earning Free BITCOINs in the process.

Coinbase seems to have all the necessary Pros in its favor and hardly any Cons. But unfortunately, it has one disadvantage that for many BITCOIN and Cryptocurrency Players may represent a damning fault. Users here are not able to have the protective cloak of anonymity that is worn by all other Cryptocurrency Users, to protect themselves during Peer-to-Peer Transaction. The basic advantage of having multiple addresses, generated by BITCOIN Core, through the Wallet, is missing here, and the total mantle of security falls on the intermediate Brokers.

Last but not least, Bybit stands out as a monumental creation, the Winner, with all angles fully considered. This is therefore considered the Best of the Best, able to take care of all situations that may arise with the acquiring of Bonus BITCOINS.


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BITCOIN is reaching out towards the end of its journey to Full Cap of 21 million BTC. The price of BTC is still volatile, but over the last 12 years, the overall rise in the price of the BTC has been astonishing. While not ever equaling the heights of 2017, and having 1 or 2 major dips in the process, BTC has been steadily rising for the last few years.

There are currently over 18 million BTC in existence. It is estimated that the BTC price will reach US$100,000 per unit sometime after 2021, and US$1 million after 2025 if the Federal Reserve continues its present practice of printing Dollars exponentially.

So, earning Bonus BITCOIN now is certainly worth the while of Users.


What do you think about our Bonus Bitcoin list, write a comment, and let us now! Did you like our featured article? Here is another one


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