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When it involves ‘giving Bitcoin as a gift’, the alarm bells should normally ring. Often there’s a nasty intention or a scam behind it. within the current case, however, things look different. Because 8 former Morgan Stanley programmers have designed a puzzle. Whoever manages to unravel the BTC puzzle are going to be rewarded with 2.1 Bitcoin within the equivalent of 19,000 dollars.

What’s behind the mysterious BTC Puzzle & why the puzzle looks impossibly difficult initially sight, you’ll determine within the article. Have fun!

Giving Bitcoin as a present – Who will crack the puzzle?

The current campaign of the 8 former Morgan Stanley programmers is unmistakably a classy PR campaign for the Exchange Phemex they founded.

bitcoin puzzle

How exactly does the Bitcoin puzzle work?

In the picture you only see within the tweet above, a personal key to a Bitcoin address is hidden. On this address there’s a credit of 1.1 BTC. Whoever manages to unravel the puzzle won’t only get the 1.1 BTC but also another Bitcoin as trading credit on his Phemex account.


Founders promise further hints

Since the bulk of individuals will probably already find it difficult to seek out an initial solution to the matter , the founders of Phemex have already promised further clues. Max Wong, one among the founders, for instance , said that there’ll be further clues if nobody solves the puzzle within every week .

Apart from the marketing move that Phemex wants to realize with it, there’s another intention behind the present puzzle. The team wants to boost awareness and awareness for the safekeeping of Bitcoin and Co. Because one thing is clear: once you’ve got acknowledged the private key of a wallet, it’ll be easy to empty the corresponding wallet.


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