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The Bitcoin puzzle from Phemex has thrown the crypto community into turmoil. It involves 2.1 Bitcoins with a current equivalent of over 20,000 USD. Nobody would say no thereto. But to urge the precious BTC, a puzzle has got to be solved. But it’s probably harder than expected because thus far nobody has been ready to find the answer and therefore the Bitcoins involved. Now Phemex has spoken up again and published another hint. during this article, we’ll not only briefly discuss the new clue, but also show you all previously published clues still.


Bitcoins to gift: 2.1 BTC is yours

The Phemex team came up with something interesting a couple of weeks ago. The raffle a complete of two .1 Bitcoin for the one that can solve the puzzle. it’s an abstract picture by Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto, during which the private key to a Bitcoin Wallet is claimed to be hidden. Max Wong, the co-founder of Phemex and designer of the puzzle, recently expressed his opinion during a public letter and gave some tips to the searchers. Here again, the last tips for reading:

  1. The first 21-digit prime found in consecutive digits of “e” is: 957496696762772407663
  2. The private key you derive from Satoshi’s portrait may be an integer, not the Wallet Import Format (WIF).
  3. The filename of the image is irrelevant.
  4. The next step is to convert some words from the portrait without I/O into a 27-digit number. return to step 4 if you can’t figure it out.

Note: “e” refers to the Euler number e, which is one among the foremost important constants in differential and calculus.


The last hint for the answer

These tips were published three weeks ago, and there’s still nobody who can solve the puzzle. So since today, there’s the ultimate tip, which could finally cause the answer and therefore the 2.1 Bitcoins. The new advice is:

After meeting the Phemex team, the Goddess Pheme repeated the words “little is big” twice within three days

Translated, it means: “After the meeting with the Phemex team, the goddess Pheme repeated the words “small is great” twice within three days.”

Pheme was the goddess or the personified spirit of rumors, reports, and gossip. She was also the spirit of fame and reputation within the positive sense and shame and scandal within the bad.

Phemex believes that this clue is that the missing a part of finding the Bitcoin Private Key within the puzzle. So far, the look for the answer has not had a deadline. Now the stock market has set a deadline until March 21, 2020. If nobody has found the solution by that day, Phemex will solve the puzzle and publish the detailed history until the answer is found. The 2.1 BTC will then remain in Phemex’s hands for the nonce and perhaps raffled off/given away elsewhere at a later date.

Here again the original puzzle for you:

bitcoin puzzle

Do you have a thought on the way to solve the Bitcoin (BTC) puzzle?



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