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Dear reader: Unpack your aluminum hat, because today we’ll be devoting ourselves to a thesis of a ‘somewhat different kind.’ If you set this thesis within the category of conspiracy theories, you will not be offended. Given recent events surrounding Swiss company Crypto AG, the German Federal intelligence (BND), and, therefore, the American Central intelligence (CIA), we ask ourselves: Is it possible that the Bitcoin Founder Satoshi Nakamoto may be a CIA invention?


Prologue: Swiss Crypto AG, the BND, and therefore the CIA

At the start of the month, the world-renowned Washington Post published documents about the United States Secret Service activities of Swiss Crypto AG, the German Federal intelligence, and, therefore, the American CIA. The ‘top-secret’ report was about decades of spying and wiretapping in over 120 countries around the world. quite proudly, the report states.

“It was the intelligence coup of the 20th century.”

It all began with a supposedly harmless company: Swiss Crypto AG. This very company, which was founded after the Second war, produced encryption devices for governments everywhere the planet. Governments use the tools to make sure ‘supposedly secure’ communication – whether in military areas or for communication between diplomats. Swiss company’s clients have included countries like Iran, India, Pakistan, the Vatican, and lots of Latin American countries.

Let us now address the political explosiveness of the issue: the CIA unofficially controlled crypto AG. In other words: the CIA owned Swiss Crypto AG. it had been the principal owner. And precisely this ‘home advantage’ was employed by the CIA to put in secret backdoors within the encryption mechanisms and devices of Crypto AG. With the assistance of those backdoors, the Americans were ready to pay attention to all communications of the countries concerned for many years.

Bitcoin founder Satoshi Nakamoto a CIA construct?

Let’s slowly approach the absolutely vague and highly speculative thesis: What if Bitcoin inventor Satoshi Nakamoto is simply a CIA construct? – For this, we’ve to recollect that since the mid-1970s, 120 states have involuntarily and permanently given the foremost sensitive and vital information to the Americans. Also, within the context of the NSA publications by Edward Snowden, it became clear that the USA isn’t exactly squeamish when it involves siphoning off private data. Their strength is their operation within the dark and, therefore, the camouflage of their software.

And parallel to the present, Bitcoin has existed since 2009. A cryptocurrency that now features a market capitalization of just about 200 billion US dollars. The network transfers several million to billions of dollars a day and is employed worldwide. Here we use a currency and an underlying technology without knowing exactly who is behind this idea. Of course, Satoshi Nakamoto published the Bitcoin white book on October 31, 2008. But who is Satoshi Nakamoto? – Craig Wright will not be, so this question remains open. One could argue that the ‘beauty’ of Bitcoin is its confidence within the technology and algorithms.


Secure Hash Algorithms (SHA) of NIST

This statement is additionally correct in the first place. However, the purpose which will be questioned is as follows: Bitcoin uses Secure Hash Algorithm 256, better referred to as SHA-256, for two essential functions of the network, SHA-256, successively belonging to the SHA-2 family of hash functions. And it’s precisely this family that was invented as a typical by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in cooperation with the National Security Agency, better referred to as NSA.

In light of recent publications, it’s up to every individual to decide for themselves how realistic they consider such a ‘backdoor’ to SHA-256 to be. The results would be immense: the hash function is employed to make public and personal keys also as a hash function within the proof-of-work mining algorithm.


Bitcoin & Satoshi Nakamoto = Central Intelligence?

Besides the speculations just expressed about the connection between SHA-256 and possible backdoors, there’s another aspect. have you ever ever considered whether Satoshi Nakamoto features a meaning? – Is there a translation of the name?

The answer is yes; there are several connections. If you lay the cards down consistent with your taste to ascertain a connection between CIA and Satoshi Nakamoto, the subsequent happens:

bitcoin founder

The term Satoshi has many meanings. But among others, Satoshi means “enlightened,” “wise,” or only “intelligent.” And last but not least, Nakamoto means something like “middle,” “base,” “root,” or “central”. This can make Satoshi Nakamoto the “Central Intelligence.”

What does one believe this (absurd?) thesis? – are you able to imagine such a connection, or does one see the argument as wholly unreasonable and unrealistic?


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