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Since 2017, it’s impossible to imagine Crypto Space without Altcoins. thanks to the strong Bitcoin Bullrun and therefore the following Altcoin Season, many investors agree that Altcoins not only have a darning right and serve a particular purpose, but also will reach their all-time high again. In early 2018, even the Bitcoin dominance, which was extremely high for several years, fell from around 80% to 33%, leaving many room for a few Altcoins. there have been tons of short-term winners, but especially Ethereum (ETH) and Ripple (XRP).

But what about the longer term of Altcoins? Will there be another Altcoin Season soon? Mike Novogratz, Bitcoin and Crypto Urgestein also as CEO of Galaxy Digital, took the ground and said when the time of Altcoins will finally return.



Altcoins aren’t yet mature enough

The previous couple of weeks have shown that a lot of of the large Altcoins are faraway from dead. In some projects, the costs have risen by quite 100% within a couple of days. This has naturally led to a high level of attention and therefore the question of when subsequent Altcoin Season will begin. John McAfee also continued to pour gasoline into the hearth and called Bitcoin the most important shitcoin. He justified his statement with the “outdated” technology of Bitcoin and therefore the non-existent properties like Smart Contracts at Ethereum or Privacy at Monero. during this article you’ll find an in depth explanation of what John McAfee actually said and whether he was right.

But let’s revisit to Mike Novogratz and his expectations for the longer term. Mike has long been referred to as a Bitcoin cop. Nevertheless, he also sympathizes with some Altcoins. For him the matter is clear: Altcoins are still years faraway from a significant reach or impact.

The well-known Wall Street investor spoke about Tesla, stocks and crypto currencies in an interview on January 30th. During the interview, he expressed his concern that each one digital assets, with the exception of Bitcoin, currently haven’t any specific use case or target. In his opinion, this might cause the assets performing poorly within the near term.


Altcoins have a future but not for a couple of years

For him, Bitcoin features a very clear application and purpose compared to the Altcoins, which still need to look for their true meaning. He sees BTC in its current form as digital gold. Mike isn’t talking about the underlying technology of BTC or the Altcoins. Rather, he’s talking exclusively about the respective coins/token itself.

In sum, however, he doesn’t deny the possible long-term success of the many Altcoins. On the contrary, he believes that Altcoins will have a huge impact on the worldwide economy. But consistent with Mike, we are “at least a couple of years away” from that. He threw the numbers “three, four and five years” into the space .

Mike compares the present state of the crypto market with the time span between the height of the dotcom bubble in 2001 and therefore the start of some technological and digital trends in 2005-2008.


Run in 2017 can’t be reconstructed

So can we need to wait several more years until subsequent big Altcoin season finally reaches the crypto markets? in fact you cannot say it exactly at now . There are just too many unpredictable factors that play a task . If we compare the Altcoin Season in 2017/2018, then there have been some well-founded reasons for a rise of some big Altcoins, which are difficult (or even impossible) to repeat during this form and therefore the dimensions of that point .

For example, the ICO bubble played a decisive role within the sharp increase of Ethereum (ETH). At that point Bitcoin had to offer up a number of its market dominance to Ethereum because the hunger for fast money among ICOs was simply greater than sense . The short-term slump of BTC and therefore the rise of ETH didn’t result from the increased Bitcoin on-chain fees. However, within the short term these certainly contributed to the present price development.


Bitcoin gives the direction and heralds Altcoin Season

An Altcoin Season is presumably , a minimum of if we glance at 2017, when the Bitcoin price has reached a replacement all-time high and therefore the buying pressure decreases again. Only then will the cash from BTC flow into the even more speculative Altcoins to form further gains. additionally , there’s also a scarcity of fresh money from new investors, who hardly affect the particular material and who aren’t easily convinced by an ad campaign of an Altcoin project. only this happens again, big and irrational price jumps are possible again. Currently, I personally wouldn’t expect a true Altcoin Season. in theory a robust movement of the Bitcoin course can end the party within minutes. The dependence on BTC remains there after a few years and can’t be discussed away.

The domain ‘Altcoins’ nevertheless remains exciting. With the new trends towards DeFi, many new opportunities and projects could arise that would play a crucial role within the global economy within the future. This year we’ve tons before us and that we can’t wait to ascertain how the Altcoins will perform in terms of technological progress and the way the respective courses will react thereto.



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